I’ll be honest with you. I had never eaten SPAM but I knew Mossy wouldn’t steer me wrong. I first smelled it sizzling on the grill and then watched the pineapple caramelize over the flames. I got my Hawaiian roll ready, make that rolls, and drooled as Mossy sopped on his Mossy’s Most Wanted BBQ sauce over the SPAM. Trust me, you’ll want to add this to your recipe collection and maybe even Thanksgiving Dinner!

-Lynn Warlick Wells

 Our State Magazine





  • 12 oz can of SPAM

  • 20 oz can of pineapple slices

  • 16 oz pint of Mossy’s Most Wanted NC BBQ Sauce

  • 12 pack of King’s Sweet Hawaiian Rolls

  • hickory chips, charcoal, tongs

    * serves 4 to 5 people


  1. Turn can of SPAM into 8 slices approximately 3/8” thick.


  2.   Drain juice from pineapple slices.


  3.  Pour pint of Mossy’s in a non-reactive pot and heat over low heat on stove. Use either stainless steel, glass or a porcelain coated pot. Don’t use steel, cast iron or aluminum, or sauce will have a metallic flavor.


  4.  Fire up charcoal grill using charcoal and hickory chips, or a gas grill using hickory smoker packets. 


 1. Grill SPAM over charcoal with hickory chips (medium-high heat) 4 to 6 min per side, until grill marks are created on both sides. 

 2.  Grill pineapple rings (medium-high to high heat), approximately 4 to 5 min per side, until grill marks are created on both sides. 


 3.  Using the pot of warmed Mossy’s NC BBQ Sauce and a pair of tongs, dip the pineapple rings in Mossy’s sauce and return to the grill for another minute. Be careful not to overcook the rings or they will try and fall apart on you. 


 4.  Using the pot of warmed Mossy’s NC BBQ Sauce and a pair of tongs, dip the SPAM in Mossy’s Sauce and grill for 1 minute. Continue dipping and grilling an additional 3 to 5 times until SPAM is caramelized with a slight to medium char. For Mossy’s SPAM, we prefer a more well done, caramelized, charred SPAM. 


 5. Serve a slice of Mossy’s SPAM and a pineapple ring on a Hawaiian roll, and use leftover Mossy sauce as desired. Most people will want 3 of these. 

Mossy entered the 2018

Great American SPAM Championship at the N.C. State Fair. The theme was Hawaii and Island inspired recipes.  He took 3rd place for his Mossy's Sauce Pineapple SPAM.


A judge told Mossy that while he killed it in the flavor dept, the fact that it had to be grilled, cost him in the ease to prepare category- 30% of the vote. If you love grilling, you'll want to try it!




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